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“La Belezza”
La Balezza
La Balezza
Helping you Enjoy the Experience

Of course, our role as appointed distributor for Fairline Boats means that when it comes to sales and after-sales service, you're in the best possible hands. We are very proud of' our boats and we like to make sure they are always ready to Iook and perform at their best when you go on board!


For example, we offer guardienage and general maintenance services of a standard rarely found in other marinas or ports . Working closely with our colleagues at Marina Cala d'Or, whose facilities are second to none in the area, we look for everything from major engineering and servicing of mechanical and electrical systems when needed, through to more regular maintenance and cleaning, and making sure there are flowers on board and cold refreshment ready in the fridge when you arrive!

We like to think you will be glad you chose a Fairline, and glad you chose it from us!


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TRIO - 2010
Targa 47

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